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Want to get a new lease on life?  Want to tone up your muscles, have more energy to do things, regain that socialization you have missed?   Come join us in our new classes for Silver Swans.  

This class is geared to those 55 and up, and it is going to help you age gracefully and with confidence.  Knee problems, sensitive joints, balance problems, no issues here....we adapt our

classes no matter what level you are on physically, and it is certainly a well deserved positive approach to keeping our bodies fit without over stressing them and worrying about injuries. You will find you will have increased energy levels which we all (at our ages) desire.  We will also provide the social interaction that many have not had over the past 2 years.   Silver Swans classes were promoted by RAD after many studies made on how dance can improve the lives of an aging population.  These classes are only taught by licensed Silver Swans Teachers. Our director, Rosalyn Bush is such a licensee and she is excited to be able to offer you these classes.  So come join us.  We will have classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings at 10:30.   


Fill out the form on the "Contact Us" tab above and let us know if you would like to join us or if you have any questions about these classes.  We look forward to seeing you in Silver Swans!

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